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NCDDD Policy Committee Info & Request for Action

The NCDDD Policy Committee’s role has been to review proposed policy changes ( eIRDs, ANPRMs, NPRMs, SSA requests for our input, etc.) and articulate concerns to ODP and ODD. The Committee Chairs ask that if any NCDDD member has concerns about a particular policy issue that you feel warrants NCDDD action, please send an email outlining your concerns to the Policy Committee. The committee will evaluate issues, gather appropriate NCDDD member input, as practical, to assess consensus, articulate concerns on the monthly calls with ODP/ODD, and draft any formal NCDDD response as necessary for review by the leadership.

As we start the new year, the Committee would also appreciate any feedback concerning which policy issues should have priority.

We would also like to update the committee report submitted for the membership meeting to reflect the current committee membership:

Sally Fitzer, WI

Jeff Graham, WY

Jim Methvin, AL

Quinetta Wade and Trudy Lyon-Hart, NCDDD Policy Committee Chairs

Thank you!

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