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NCDDD Retirement Letter to Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin


The Honorable Carolyn Colvin, Acting Commissioner

Social Security Administration

6401 Security Blvd.

Suite 900 Altmeyer Building

Baltimore, MD 21235

Dear Acting Commissioner Colvin,

On behalf of the National Council of Disability Determination Directors, I wish to thank you for the opportunity to talk with you on December 7th, 2016. We sincerely appreciate your time and willingness to speak with our organization. NCDDD also wishes to congratulate you on your retirement from the Social Security Administration and to thank you for your leadership and support for the disability program.

During your time as Acting Commissioner, you have supported and championed the work of the DDS community. This support has been invaluable to the DDSs ability to meet our objectives. The DDSs have received resources that have allowed us to hire and train new staff, meet our workload goals and handle policy and procedural changes. There have been many challenges for the DDSs during your tenure, including medical listing changes, the elimination of SDM, HSPD-12 implementation and the constant attrition of DDS staff, yet you have worked together with the states to find solutions to these challenges.

We also wish to thank you for your tireless support of DCPS. The DDS community will always be grateful to you for pushing for this transformational program to move forward, despite challenges and setbacks. As I write this letter there is early success in that the three early adopter states have all closed cases in the DCPS2 system. The DDS community looks forward to the completion and implementation of this collaborative project, forever changing and modernizing the way the DDSs process disability cases.

NCDDD is also very appreciative of the opportunities we have had during your term to work with you and your senior staff on the complex and important issues facing the disability program. Our wish is to continue in that collaborative and cooperative spirit into the future. As you know, the federal-state collaborative partnership is critical to our mutual success in serving the American public.

NCDDD extends our best wishes to you in your retirement from the Social Security Administration and in all your future endeavors.


Sheri Seil

President, National Council of Disability Determination Directors

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