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About Us

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Mission Statement

The mission of the NCDDD is to provide the highest possible level of service to persons with disabilities, to promote the interests of the state operated Disability Determination Services and to represent DDS Directors, their management teams and staffs.

The NCDDD provides leadership in accomplishing the mission by:

  • Establishing effective, timely and meaningful dialogue between NCDDD and SSA;

  • Working cooperatively with the Congress, the Administration, The Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR), National Association of Disability Examiners (NADE), National Council of Social Security Managers Association (NCSSMA), and other organizations interested in protecting the rights of the disabled.

  • Encouraging the establishment of policies that best serve the public interest in accomplishing the mission of the disability program.

  • Fostering the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Programs and Administration

DDSs work with SSA in administering two disability programs which have the same medical/vocational criteria for determining eligibility for benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a monthly benefit paid to eligible individuals who cannot work due to a serious physical or mental disability. The SSDI program provides disability benefits to insured individuals who become unable to work because of illness or injury which is expected to last at least 12 continuous months or which may be expected to result in death. Nationwide, over 6.9 million people receive $59.6 billion in yearly disability SSDI payments from SSA trust funds.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs based program that provides coverage for adults and children in households whose income and resources are below a certain level. There is no requirement for prior employment. Applicants for SSI must meet the same definition of disability described above. Eligible children under age 18 are considered disabled if they are unable to function in a manner similar to children of the same age group. There are more than 5.1 million disabled SSI recipients receiving approximately $23.7 billion per year in benefits from the General Fund of the U.S. Treasury.

To Promote...

While promoting the interests of the state DDS’s and providing the highest possible level of service to the disabled, we are also working cooperatively with Congress and professional organizations interested in protecting the rights of the disabled.
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