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Meet The Team

Past Presidents

The President of NCDDD is the principal officer, leading the organization in operations and by representing the members.


It is a four year commitment, as they first serve two years as President-Elect.  We have a long tenure of distinguished and talented DDS Administrators who have served in this demanding position.  This is our thank you to them for serving us with integrity and effectuating positive change for the disability program and claimants.

Below is a list of our past presidents in reverse order:


Stan Kress, ID

Chuck Jones, MI

Jerry Thomas, GA

Doug Willman, NE

Mike Brennan, DC

Tommy Warren, AL

Linda Dorn, MI

Sheila Everett, MS

Andy Marioni, DE

Kay Hoffpauir, LA

Robbie Watts, VA

Vicki Johnson, CO

Trudy Lyon-Hart, VT

Erik Williamson, OH

Sheri Seil, ND

Liz McLaren, IA

Leon Scales, VA

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