Membership to NCDDD is voluntary and open to all DDS Administrators.  Pre-requisite for Andy Marioni Memorial Award and/or the NCDDD Member of the Year Award is that the nominee shall be, (or have been if award is in memoriam) a member in good standing at time of nomination. Click on the hyperlink of the name (if available) to view the nomination document. 


Award Categories:


Andy Marioni Memorial Award:


Awarded to a NCDDD member who serves or served as a DDS Director and who demonstrated exceptional leadership in their DDS, Region, and/or NCDDD.  Promotes innovation, collaboration, professional growth and the mission of NCDDD.


NCDDD Member of the Year Award:


Presented to a NCDDD member who has made an outstanding contribution in promoting the mission and philosophy of NCDDD throughout the nation.


NCDDD Award:


Presented to a person or group who is not a member of NCDDD recognizing their outstanding contributions toward the accomplishments of the mission of NCDDD.


Andy Marioni Award:  Joann Summers

Member of the Year:  Liz McLaren

NCDDD Award:  DCPS Disability User Integration Team

  • Mark Bernskoetter       

  • Roberto Cruz                

  • Chris Dooley                 

  • Shannon Goodson       

  • Tawn Keohanam                    

  • Rebecca LaMar            

  • Patricia McNeil             

  • Danita Scherff              

  • Deb Sedwick      

  • Bill Shoots 

  • Jon Speiser                   

  • Lori Spooner                 

  • Angela Vanderschel    

Past And Present Award Recipients:


Duane French (Andy Marioni Award)

TBA (Member of the Year)



Sheri Seil (Andy Marioni Award)

Judy Speer (Member of the Year)


Scott Mack (Member of the Year)

Mary Gabriel (Andy Marioni Award)

Michelle Minton (NCDDD Award)


Liz McLaren (Andy Marioni Award)



Awilda Danko (Andy Marioni Award)

Mary Gabriel (Member of the Year)



Vicki Johnson (Andy Marioni Award)

Janet Shivers (NCDDD Award)

John Broom (Member of the Year)



Trudy Lyon-Hart (Andy Marioni Award)

Ann Robert (NCDDD Award)

Noel Tyler (Member of the Year)



Tom Paige (Andy Marioni Award)

Laura White (NCDDD Award)

Nancy Vasquez (Member of the Year)



Noel Tyler (Andy Marioni Award)

Tom Paige (Member of the Year)



Ann Robert (Andy Marioni Award)

Mary Gabriel (Member of the Year)



Doug Willman (Andy Marioni Award)

Glenn Sklar (NCDDD Award)



Tommy Warren (Andy Marioni Award)

Mary Wolfe (Member of the Year)



November – Awards Committee established to develop awards and criteria

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